Xiaomi clarifies involvement in Windows 10 preview for the Mi 4


When Microsoft announced its Windows 10 Technical Preview for the Xiaomi Mi 4, many got excited that Xiaomi could be working on 2 different mobile platforms in future. To address the concerns of many, its VP Hugo Barra has posted a short note on Google+ to explain their stand.

Delivering the Windows 10 experience apparently is fully driven by Microsoft and they work directly with the Mi Fan community in China. As Xiaomi supports openness with unlocked bootloaders on its devices, they welcome Microsoft to work with their fans to explore new experiences. For the selected Mi 4 power users, they would need to flash the software themselves, like how one would flash their own preferred custom ROMs. In case you’re wondering, the Windows 10 Technical Preview unfortunately is available only to China users.

Xiaomi also reemphasise its commitment to Android and MIUI, so it looks like there won’t be an official Mi device with Windows 10 running out of the box. Once Windows 10 is officially released, you are probably able to make the switch by flashing the Mi 4 at your own risk.

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