Microsoft and Xiaomi are releasing Windows 10 for the Mi 4


Microsoft is getting ambitious to grow its mobile platform with the latest Windows 10. During its Windows Hardware Engineering Community conference in China, they have announced a new program together with Xiaomi to test out Windows 10 on the Xiaomi Mi 4. This opens up Xiaomi to a new mobile platform and the preview is open to a selected group of Xiaomi Mi 4 power users.

Those eligible will be invited to download Windows 10 Technical Preview and they are encouraged to give their feedback to Microsoft for further improvements. The full release is happening towards later this year and if you have a Mi 4, you could probably flash it yourself. So will Xiaomi sell a Windows Phone device out of the box? It is too early to tell but it could be a possibility in the near future. It a lot of sense for Microsoft to team up with emerging Chinese brands to increase its platform adoption.

In case you’re still wondering, the Mi 4 isn’t coming to Malaysia officially. This is due to limited 4G radio support (1800MHz only) and they would be focusing on the Mi Note as its new flagship in Q2 2015.