Highly detailed renderings give us a very good look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?


CNet Korea has obtained what looks like highly detailed rendering of the upcoming Galaxy S6 Edge based on actual specifications of the device. The renders gives us a highly detailed look at what is Samsung’s most important smartphone in recent times.

If the information used to create these renders are real, the Galaxy S6 Edge looks to be a very sleek device with the dual edge screen giving it a ultra-cool factor. It will be interesting to see what new features Samsung will incorporate into the new user interface to make the most out of the dual edge screen.

The render suggests that the S6 Edge will feature a unibody design instead of the two-piece construction that is a trademark of almost all Samsung devices currently available in the market. The unibody design offers the additional benefit of being robust and strong but it will also mean that the S6 will not have a removable battery like previous other Samsung smartphones.

The render also shows a rear camera that protrudes out of the back panel it an attempt to make the device as thin as possible. In my opinion, this is an unnecessary trade-off as I would rather have a camera that sits flush with the back panel rather than one that protrudes as seen in the render because a protruding camera exposes itself to nicks and scratches. A slightly thicker device is anytime better than having scratches on the lens of the device.

Whether these renders are the real deal or not, everything will be revealed on March 1 and we will be at the launch event to give you the latest updates, so stay tuned. In the meantime, head on over to after the jump for more renders of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

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