Xiaomi’s ultra-slim 5,000mAh Power Bank coming soon to Malaysia?


UPDATE: Xiaomi’s slim 5,000mAh Power Bank is coming to Malaysia at RM34.

Is this a hint that we’ll soon be getting Xiaomi’s ultra-thin power bank? spotted on Xiaomi’s Facebook page we believe that it is so.

Introduced last November with it’s mammoth sized sibling the Mi 16,000mAh Power Bank, the 5,000mAh version is only 9.9mm thick and will be replacing the current 5,200mAh model and is just a hair heavier than that too, weighted at just 1 gram extra than it’s predecessor.

Pictured here, on the left.

In terms of output, it gets a single USB port that pushes a higher 2.1A instead of the usual 1.5A on the older unit. While it gets smaller in size, it still retains a status button and 4 LED lights for battery level indication. It is priced at 49 CNY which is about RM26. Hopefully we’ll get to purchase it soon, considering it’s enormous 16,000mAh cousin went on sale in December last year.