HTC to start rolling out Lollipop update for One M7 and One M8 as early as next month


Everyone is trying to push the latest Lollipop update onto their current flagship device. If you’re using the HTC One M8 or last year’s One M7, HTC is expected to roll out its new Android 5.0 update as early as 3rd January 2015. For us folks in Malaysia, might need to wait a little longer but it should happen within a weeks after its official release.

From the screenshot above, the Lollipop update is likely to maintain the current Sense 6.0 UI but it gets a touch of material design. Earlier on, a purported screenshot of a newer Sense 7.0 with Android 5.0 had surfaced and it still retains the same 3 navigation icon design at the bottom.

Overall, HTC appears to be on track in delivering its 90 day update promise upon release of newer Android versions. Other models expected to be updated within Q1 2015 also include HTC One (E8), HTC One (E8) Dual SIM and HTC Butterfly 2.