Apple makes it easier to disable iMessage if you’re moving away from the iPhone


Apple’s iMessage allows you to send SMS between iPhone for free as it gets sent across the internet instead of the usual telco mobile network. For those migrating from iPhones to other devices such as Android or Windows Phone, iMessage can be an issue as users have reported not receiving SMS sent from iPhone users. The issue of course is that Apple still believes that you’re using an iOS device and those messages are still trying to get through via iMessage instead of being sent as an SMS.

The straight forward solution is to disable iMessage before making the switch and Google has also mentioned this in their guide for iPhone users migrating to Android. But what if you’ve sold off your iPhone and you’ve forgotten to turn it off? There are several remedies like changing your Apple ID password or call up their customer care to disable it for you.

Now there’s an easier way to do it if you no longer have access to your old iPhone. Apple has released a web page where you can disable iMessage with a simple SMS verification. So if you’ve changed sim cards to a non-iPhone device, you can disable iMessage and start receiving all SMS instantly.

To disable iMessage, head over to their Deregister iMessage page.