Xiaomi ventures into the smart health business with its own Blood Pressure Monitor


Xiaomi says they are an internet company and they are more than your average smart phone and tablet brand. After introducing its bluetooth game controller, Xiaomi has announced its own smart Blood Pressure Monitor developed in partnership with iHealth Labs.

The iHealth device syncs with Xiaomi smart phones and it will be sold exclusively on their China Mi Store for 199 Yuan (about RM105). The iHealth smart blood pressure monitor is also available for Apple iOS devices but it is going for US$99.95 (about RM324).


According to the source, the smart blood pressure monitor accessory is easy to use and it complies with professional medical standards. To use it, you’ll need to dock your smart phone that’s installed with its own health app. It records your blood pressure, heart rate, average pulse rate and it will give health recommendations based on your historical data.

While it is designed for Xiaomi smart phones, it is said to be supported on other Android devices. From the Chinese Mi site, the iHealth device will be available in China starting tomorrow, 25th September.