KL Converge 2014 – Bringing digital content creation under one roof


The fast pace of technology has changed the way we consume content. With the growing internet penetration for both home and mobile, demand for online content is set to grow whether its social, application, music or music.

As more people are switching to online, there’s still a gap when it comes to local content. Most of the content consumed are from overseas and there’s a huge untapped opportunity for our budding local content makers. To instil interest and awareness of content development, the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is organising KL Converge, a 3 day event that’s happening on 17 to 19 September at KL Convention Centre.

This is the first KL Converge event and it serves as a platform for aspiring and industry veterans to network and explore new opportunities in the content business. They are inviting some big names from the entertainment business which includes Steve Sidwell, who is a renowned composer behind blockbuster movies and commercials. Also attending are directors from LucasFilm and Prime Focus Animation VFX.

For the app developers, there’s also Developer’s Day Hackathon that’s co-organised by AT&T. During the 3 day event, there are talks by key industry leaders as well as master classes to get you started and informed with the content industry.

Admission is free but participants are advised to register ahead of the event. Seats for the master classes are limited so it is recommended to register early.

At the media briefing today, MCMC Chairman Dato Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi has shared that content creation will be facing a huge growth and there’s a lot of initiatives to drive participation including Pemandu’s focus on the Communications, Content & Infrastructure (CCI) sector. When it comes to digital content, we should go beyond Malaysia and make it appealing for the global audience.

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For more information, visit the official KL Converge 2014 website.