HTC One M8 and One E8 Cameras Compared


Is a two-camera set up better than one? The guys at PhoneArena had compared the Duo 4MP Ultrapixel cameras of the HTC One M8 against its new One E8 that comes with a mainstream 13MP shooter. The One E8 is the affordable answer of its One M8 where it swaps metal for plastic and it is coming very soon to Malaysia. With a single camera, the One E8 would be lacking the uFocus feature where you can change the focus area after the shot is taken with the One M8.

Drilling down to its camera specs, the Duo Camera set up on the One M8 is has a 1/3″ sensor that shoots 4MP pictures with a bigger f/2.0 aperture and 2 micron pixel size. Meanwhile, the One E8 has a similar 1/3″ sensor size but it takes pictures at a higher 13MP resolution. It gets a smaller f/2.2 aperture and each pixel is about 1.12 microns. On paper, the One E8 is gonna take a hit when it comes to low light photography but it should get greater details from its higher pixel count.





You can check out more comparison shots at 100% size over at PhoneArena. What do you guys think? Is a single 13MP camera better than the Duo Ultrapixel set up on the One M8? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.