Whatsapp CEO isn’t happy with iOS 8 new Message App


When Apple introduced its new iOS 8 at WWDC, their new Message app has been revamped with push to talk and video message. With the features very much similar to WhatsApp, its CEO Jan Koum had tweeted that he’s “flattered” to see Apple “borrowing” features from Whatsapp in their messaging app.

This isn’t the first time copying has happened. While Apple has revolutionised touch screen smart phones with the iPhone, most of the features introduced these days are merely playing catch up with the current trend. This includes interactive notifications and gesture keyboards that have been implemented by other mobile platforms. Ironically, Whatsapp too has been accused for ripping off BlackBerry’s BBM messenger with its delivery status and group messaging. The success of WhatsApp is attributed to its clever approach of supporting cross-platform. This propelled it to become an instant hit that even threatens the usage of SMS.

The truth is WhatsApp has nothing to worry about considering Apple’s iMessage only works with their own device. Who knows one day Apple might just open up its messaging feature to all, but that’s wishful thinking.

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