U Mobile now offers Galaxy S5 as low as RM355. Additional RM200 off with phone trade-in offer


U Mobile currently has the best device deal with the Galaxy S5 being offered as low as RM555. What’s more appealing is you don’t need to place a hefty upfront payment if you sign up with auto-billing on their U88 and UPlus plans. Now the deal is even sweeter if you have an old phone lying around as U Mobile is giving additional RM200 off for phone trade-ins. They didn’t mention specific trade-in models and it appears to be open to any device with a valid IMEI number.

The Galaxy S5 is offered on its U58, U88 and UPlus plans at RM1,699, RM1,499 and RM999 respectively with 24 months contract. The RM555 price is eligible for those who sign up together with a new Standard Chartered JustOne Platinum credit card on UPlus Plan. With the RM200 trade-in offer, this will make it effectively RM1,499 on U58, RM1,299 on U88 and RM799 on UPlus. With the Standard Chartered offer, that’s RM355 with the extra trade-in discount. You can check out the full plan details here.

If you plan to get a Galaxy S5 on U Mobile, it is time to dig around for that unused phone to redeem extra RM200 off. Note that the trade-in offer is valid until 31st May. Visit U Mobile’s Galaxy S5 page for more info.