LG’s upcoming Optimus G2 flagship gets leaked in detail


With the top brands making lots of noise with their flagship device, LG too is not far behind in the smart phone race. It’s LG Optimus G successor dubbed as the Optimus G2 has just gotten a detail leak clearly, providing more details of its next big thing.

In terms of specs, the Optimus G2 is said to be having a Full HD 5.2″ IPS display and running on the latest quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 running at 2.3GHz. Memory wise, it is purported to be bundled with 2GB but it might be packing a generous 3GB to go head on with rival Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note III.

With the Korean market heading towards 4G LTE Advanced, the Optimus G2 will be LTE-A ready as well with supported download speeds up to 150Mbps. In the camera department, it comes with a 13MP main shooter and the leaked photos revealed additional up/down buttons placed right below the camera. Powering the device is a 2,700mAh battery which packs 100mAh more than the current Galaxy S4.

The overall design retains a similar look of the Nexus 4 with a button-less front while the UI and earpiece grill resembles rather closely to the recent batch of Samsung devices. From the leak photos, the back of the device looks pretty cheap and glossy but we reckon that this isn’t the final design.

The launch of the Optimus G2 is said to be happening next month on August 20th. Just like how the Optimus G served as the base model of the Nexus 4, it is also speculated that the Optimus G2 could be the foundation of the next LG-based Nexus device which is rumoured to be launching in October.

Head after the break for the leaked video and photos of the Optimus G2.

Optimus G2 Video

Optimus G2 Photos





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