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Caught on Video: New Smart Features Coming to the Galaxy S IV

First we saw pictures of the device, then we saw videos of the device, now we have videos that demonstrate some of the new features that is very likely to make it to the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

The features caught on video include the much rumoured SmartPause eye tracking motion control that pauses and resumes the video that you’re watching on the Galaxy S IV depending on whether you’re looking at it or not — a feature that we think is more gimmicky than useful. And an implementation of Samsung’s AirView feature seen in the Galaxy Note II but without the need of using a stylus. Yes, AirView in the Galaxy S IV will work with just your fingers.

Also, there is a video that showcases the browser performance of purported Galaxy S IV as well as a fresh new lock screen. The browser demo also reveals another motion-based control allowing you to navigate between pages and scroll up and down just by waving your hand in front of the device.

We’re pleased to see that the device is showing a really fluid and responsive performance but not so with the similarity in design with the Galaxy S III and the plastic construction. It’s interesting to note that the device seen in the videos appear to support dual-SIM. Will Samsung make this feature a standard on the Galaxy S IV or is this a totally unrelated Galaxy variant with feature similar to the Galaxy S IV? Whatever it is, let’s hope Samsung has more surprises in store when it finally officially reveal the Galaxy S IV at 7pm, March 14 in New York (7am, March 15 in Malaysia). Check out the live feed here.