Maxis Introduces Dynamic IP Business Fibre Plans

Maxis has expanded its business fibre broadband offerings with a range of dynamic IP plans for businesses that do not require a fixed IP connection. There are three plans to choose from and the operator has been very clever in pricing the plans to place them close to what the competitors are offering while at the same time appear to have plans that provide a better value proposition.

Take the mid-range plan for example. Maxis charges RM308/month for its 16Mbps dynamic IP business fibre plan while P1 charges RM329 for its 15Mbps dynamic IP business fibre package. At the same time, the plans from Maxis and P1 sit in between TM’s UniFi for business offering with its 10Mbps plan costing RM289/month and the top of the line 20Mbps plan costing RM359.

Obviously the example above does not take into consideration the various value added services offered by the three service providers and this is because, in this market, with the way the operators have structured their plans, choosing the best plan for you will ultimately come down to how your business utilizes communications. Will you be making a lot of calls to fixed line numbers? Will you be making a lot of calls to mobile number? Is a plan with bundled webhosting something that’s important to you? Will your business be doing a lot of SMS blasts?

These are all things that you need to consider when looking at the dynamic IP fiber plans being offered for businesses. Most important is, how much speed you would need for your operations because at the end of the day, the level of performance that the three operators offer in terms of broadband speed will be almost identical. The dynamics in the fibre broadband landscape has certainly changed significantly with more operators offering the service giving consumers the power to choice. So in this case it all comes down to which brand is able to serve you the best.

For more information on the Maxis dynamic IP fibre plans for businesses, click here.

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Thanks Paul Tan for the tip.