The front camera on the Galaxy Nexus can shoot 720p HD but its not the only one

We just found out that the front facing camera on the Galaxy Nexus shoots 720p HD videos and that made us wonder what other devices have front facing cameras that can do the same. Coincidentally we have with us the Motorola RAZR, the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S II, and we set out to test all three devices.

And what we discovered surprised us.

The 1.3MP front facing camera on the Motorola RAZR can shoot 720p video as well and the quality is not bad either as you can see above.

Funny how both Google and Motorola mentioned nothing about this pretty amazing feature anywhere. We certainly didn’t hear about this at the launch of these devices and there’s no mention of this feature in the press release or official websites.

Anyway, the 720p HD video quality from the front camera on the RAZR is not bad actually, same goes with the Galaxy Nexus as well and both have 1.3MP sensors.

Whatever the reason, now you know that there are at least two Android phones in the market right now (yes we know, the Galaxy Nexus is not on sale in Malaysia yet. Still its on sale) that can do 720p HD videos with the front camera.

If you know of other phones that does this too, let us know in the comment section below. Also, head on over to after the jump to see a video demo of the Galaxy Nexus front camera doing 720p HD (skip all the way to min 3:24.

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