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Broadband in Malaysia 2011: Cost Comparison

UPDATE: Updated Broadband Comparison with breakdown of Fixed, Mobile Broadband & Mobile Internet plans.

Our Malaysia Broadband Cost Comparison post is in dire need of an update since most broadband providers had revised/introduced new broadband plans. As demanded by you, we’ve updated the broadband comparison table as below:

Further breakdown with speed & excess charge by categories after the jump.

Fixed Broadband

Mobile Broadband

Mobile Internet

Which plan to pick?
There’s no clear cut choice when it comes to broadband plans as it varies depending on usability, quota, excess fees and speed. The cost comparison here serves as a guide based on cost per GB which caters to your monthly broadband demand.

For the heavy user, fixed broadband of the FTTH variety offers the best of speed together with generous quota. For those on the move, most plans below 5GB are offered under RM100. For the demanding users, most plans of 10GB and above are well between RM100-RM200 range. Generally, most users won’t use as much data while on the go as compared to home. Also you would need to take note of excess charges if you have the tendency to exceed your monthly quota. Some plans might reduce your speed without additional charges while others charge a rather expensive pay as you go rate.

Another point when considering a plan is a network quality. While most networks boast high up to speeds, the realistic achievable speed is normally lower than the paper claims. Checking among your friends or peers would be a good reference point to find out if the service provider is good.

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Apart from speed, coverage is another issue as well. If you travel a lot outstations, you would need to check with the provider’s coverage map. You can check out last year’s comparison here.

Do let us know in the comments if you spot any errors.