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Maxis offers Motorola Xoom with Defy for RM2499

Maxis has announced today the anticipated Android Honeycomb tablet, the Motorola Xoom will be made available from 6th May onwards. We will be getting the WiFi only version as the 3G version is mentioned to be not available outside the US at the moment.

So how do you get connected you might ask? Maxis is offering a bundle of the Motorola Xoom together with the robust Motorola Defy for a combo price of RM2499. The connectivity for the Xoom is supposedly to come from the Motorola Defy through its portable hotspot feature as mentioned via twitter. Although this is workable, having hotspot enabled would be taxing on the smart phone’s battery and isn’t a recommended solution long term. It would be better if you could connect with a proper WiFi router while the Defy’s hotspot feature is used only when it is absolutely necessary. If we can have it our way, we would prefer the Xoom to be paired together with a MiFi device.

There’s no full details on the bundling plans yet but all should be revealed next Friday. To register your interest, head to Maxis Tablet page here.