U Mobile introduces lite Unlimited Mobile Internet

U Mobile now offers unlimited mobile internet plan for its prepaid users which costs only RM28 per month. Compared to other prepaids, this new U Mobile offering is rather different as it offers uncapped speeds and there’s no additional charge if you exceed its monthly quota of 500MB.

At RM28/month, this makes it less than RM1 per day to stay connected online. You’ll get 500MB data and it comes with free 100 minutes of nationwide talktime and 30 free SMS. The free minutes and talk time are transferable if your subscription is renewed for the following month. We can’t help but to notice that this looks very similar to Yes Valuepack style of monthly offering as they would bring forward unused calls and SMS to the next month. However it isn’t the same for data on U Mobile, as unfinished quota will be forfeited at the end of each monthly cycle. For calls and SMS, they can only allow maximum accumulation of 200 minutes and 60 SMS at one time.

In terms of coverage, it works in both U Mobile’s 3G and Domestic Roaming coverage areas. As expected, you’ll be getting only EDGE while on Domestic Roaming.

While this U Mobile unlimited mobile internet plan offers uncapped speeds up to 14.4Mbps, its throttled speed after 500MB is capped to a miserable 64kbps. If you’re a light user, this is not bad and the free calls which can be brought forward are good add on value. For heavy users that uses more than a GB monthly, you are better off with the UB40 plan that offers 2GB at only RM40/month.

To activate, dial *118# on your U Mobile prepaid to get started. This Unlimited Mobile Internet plan is auto-renewed so you just need to make sure you have sufficient credit before your 30 days are up. According to its FAQ, you must have credit validity of 30 days at time of activation in order for it to be renewed.

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For more information, head to U Mobile’s page here.