Motorola Xoom full specs revealed, WiFi only version available

Motorola’s upcoming super tablet, Xoom has its specs officially revealed on Motorola’s site. So it is now official that there will be a GSM, CDMA and a WiFi only version to choose from. You’ll get all you need to know about the Xoom from the screen, processor and down to the OpenGL extensions. Check out the full spec details here.

The other not so good news is that Motorola is pricing the Xoom at US$800 which they felt that its upgradability to 4G speeds of 50Mbps would justify such price tag. That’s roughly about RM2400 before all the tax and shipping cost to reach here. However the WiFi only version is said to be priced lower to match the iPad at about $599 (approx. RM1800). So, US$200 extra just to upgrade to 4G? That’s a little bit too much, don’t you think?

Considering that Apple normally reduces its prices for each new generation, let’s just see if the iPad 2 is good enough to force a price war on these Android tablets.

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