Yes now covers more places on North South highway

When we went on a road test to Penang earlier on, Yes 4G coverage on the North South highway wasn’t really as covered as we would expected. The speeds were great at areas with coverage but the lack of coverage makes it a tough choice if you require seamless connectivity on your trip up north.

With Chinese New Year around the corner, most people will be traveling back to their respective home towns outside the Klang Valley. Now Yes has proudly announced that North South highway is now powered by Yes 4G. This makes long journeys more entertaining provided that their coverage is truly seamless throughout the route.

Heading up north, most stretch of the North South highway to Penang looks pretty covered, much more than it used to be during our test. However from the map, we still notice some gaps in between especially in areas before Gopeng, Kuala Kangsar and after Taiping.

For those heading towards the south, there are gaps too between Seremban and Rembau, and around Kulai. Despite that, this is still a huge improvement compared to the previous coverage map we saw. If the update on the map is true, that’s about 90% coverage from Penang to Johor which is quite impressive.

As mentioned before, maps are just an indicator and it may not reflect actual working coverage. In our previous test, we experienced areas with full signal strength but no data can be sent or received.

If you’re heading out to Penang or Johor this holiday season, do share with us your experience if you’re using Yes on the journey.

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