BREAKING: Maxis iPad data plans leaked

While Maxis will reveal its iPad data plans and device pricing tomorrow, user stringfellow has released the data plans earlier than expected.

Looking at the photo taken off the brochure above, Maxis offers both postpaid and prepaid plans for the iPad. For postpaid, they offer 3.5GB, 6.0GB and 15.0GB monthly data plans at RM70, RM90 and RM200 respectively. It looks like there’s also an additional RM10 rebate if you’re an existing iValue or iData subscriber.

If the data quota of your subscribed plan is not enough, you can top up additional 500MB at RM8 which last for a day or RM18 for 500MB that’s valid for 30 days. Topping up additional 1GB will cost RM28 a month.

For prepaid users, they offer a range from as low as RM8/day for 500MB, all the way to the more expensive RM200 for 15GB a month.

Looking at the standalone postpaid plans, the cost per GB will be calculated as follows:
RM70 for 3.5GB=RM20/GB
RM90 for 6.0GB=RM15/GB
RM200 for 15GB=RM13.33/GB

When calculated cost per GB, the iPad data plans are cheaper than the normal Maxis plans but it is still costlier than U Mobile & DiGi’s offering.

Special thanks to Matt for the heads up!