Maxis FTTH broadband plan revealed

Maxis is reported to be offering commercial service for its FTTH (Fibre To the Home) broadband. This is similar to TM’s UniFi service that uses Fibre Optics to deliver High Speed Broadband.

From what we discovered, there’s only a 6Mbps plan at RM118/month for existing Maxis subscribers or RM158/month for non subscribers. The plan comes with 40GB monthly quota and tied to a 24 months contract. As comparison, UniFi offers 5Mbps for RM149/month with 60GB download quota.

Just like the recent P1 add-on package, you can add 3G broadband that comes with free modem from RM20/month with 1.5GB quota. While UniFi started charging RM200 for installation, Maxis waives it together with its registration fee for now. When you sign up, you’ll also get a free home gateway, a DECT phone and VOIP calls worth RM275 monthly.

At the moment, Maxis has not updated its HSBB site with the commercial plans above. According to their site, the service is only limited to Bandar Utama 11, 12 & Sierramas. For more details or to register interest, check out Maxis HSBB page here.