Nokia N8 walkthrough: Video and Photo Editing

You’ve already probably know this by now, the 12MP camera on the Nokia N8 is probably one of the best cameras attached to a phone anyone has ever seen.

On top of doing a sterling job as a camera, the Nokia N8 comes complete with a video and picture editing app allowing users to cobble together a decent montage directly on the device.

In this video demo, you’ll that editing pictures and videos is fairly straight forward but if given the choice, we’ll do out post-production work on a computer thank you very much.

In any case, so confident of the capabilities of the camera on the Nokia N8 that Nokia is getting the McHenry Brothers to shoot a short film starring Pamela Anderson and Ed Westwick using only the Nokia N8.

The shorty will feature Ms. Anderson in a bedroom scene. That, we got to see!

Video of the Nokia N8 editing capabilities after the jump.

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