Facebook Places: You can see but you can’t use

The “biggest” thing to hit social media these couple of days is Facebook Places. If you’re not familiar with what Facebook Places is something like FourSquare where you “check-in” into a bunch of places an announce to the world that you’re here and there.

Honestly speaking, all this checking in, location based social media voodoo is not really our thing but apparently there’s a lot of people out there that’s really into this kind of stuff. There has to be, else Zuckerberg wouldn’t have told his Facebook minions to round up a bunch of smaller companies to make this Facebook Places thing happen.

Well in any case, if you’re one of the many that’s into location based social media, you’ll be happy to know that Facebook has updated their app for the iPhone to include Facebook Places, and you can see the feature but you can’t use it.

That’s because, Facebook Places is not available here yet. So all you can right now it just see but no touch. No word yet on when Places will be available in Malaysia.

Android users, sorry you’re out of luck. No update for Facebook app on Android just yet. You can try login on to touch.facebook.com

Facebook Places video about after the jump.