Google’s Gesture Search gets new flip to launch feature

To the Android aficionados out there the Google Gesture Search app might not be a new thing but to the n00bs, we can’t tell you enough how awesome this app is. Gesture Search lets you search by writing out characters on the touchscreen of your device. It’s really useful when you’re searching for something while driving (though we do not recommend this).

Google has just released a new version of Gesture Search (v.1.2) and added a new nifty motion gesture feature. With motion gesture, all you need to do is just “double flip” your phone to activate Gesture Search. This eliminates the need to activate Gesture Search from a home screen shortcut. You can turn the feature on or adjust its sensitivity in Settings.

Google has also sorted out some bugs and improved usability by adding accessibility support. Though Google is quick to point out that Gesture Search is still in its early stages and will still be looking at improving the app in future releases.

Google Gesture Search is available for Android 1.6 and above. Just scan the QR with your Android phone below to download. Or you can search for it in the Android Market. And of you’re wondering, no there’s no iPhone app for this.

If you don’t know what a double flip is, head on over to after the jump to see a demo video.