Maxis reveals NGBB and HSPA+ site


Maxis has revealed its microsite for its Next Generation Broadband (NGBB) / High Speed Broadband (HSBB) service via FTTH (Fibre To the Home). This will pose some competition to TM’s UniFi HSBB service. On the site, it says that their FTTH service will provide speeds of 10Mbps to 100Mbps for consumers and up to 1Gbps for business users. However on its FAQ, it was mentioned that their High Speed Internet packages ranges from 6 – 24 Mbps. Their roll out should be underway as somereported to have seen some Maxis contractors digging road sides with Maxis NGBB signages.

The site also mentions Maxis’s High Speed Mobile Internet via HSPA+ which is an upgrade of today’s 3G/HSPA capabilities. HSPA+ claims to give speeds up to 21Mbps on the go. A pretty big claim indeed that even T-Mobile in the US claims 4G like speeds for its HSPA+ service. At the moment, Maxis has some live HSPA+ test sites at Johor Jaya, JB and TTDI, KL.

So far there’s nothing much on the site apart from a registration form for either of the service. You may sign up to be the first to know about their launch details.