The Samsung Wave uses a A4 processor too (in a way)

Analysts from UBM TechInsights have revealed a surprising discovery. They’ve found out that Apple’s claimed proprietary 1GHz A4 processor features very much the same ARM CORTEX A8 core found in Samsung’s S5PC110A01 application processor used in the recently released Samsung Wave S8500. The same processor will also run Samsung’s Android flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S.

Apple’s A4 processor is currently running its tremendously popular iPad and soon the company recently announced iPhone 4. Incidentally Samsung manufacturers the A4 for Apple and the S5PC110A01 processor for itself.

With a Samsung processors at the heart of two of the world’s most prolific mobile devices, what we can take out of this is that Samsung is the global leader in wireless and mobile applications processor manufacturing.

What it also means is that with roughly the same processor running three different devices with three different operating systems and varying specifications, it would be very interesting to see how they stack up against one another.

Now we’re wondering what did Steve Jobs mean when at the WWDC10 keynote he said that the A4 designed by Apple’s own team. Hmm.