iPhone 4: FaceTime demo FAIL

It’s doesn’t happen often so we all might as well savour it while it’s still fresh.

When Steve steps up to any stage, the atmosphere is usually electrifying. We haven’t had the privilege to watch his presentations live but from the many videos and live blog feeds that we’ve seen it’s very easy to get engrossed in what he’s talking about.

At WWDC10 however something very rare happened. Steve’s usually very slick presso hit a snag when he wanted to demo what was arguably one of the most important features of the iPhone 4 – FaceTime video calling.

The funny thing about FaceTime is that it currently runs exclusively on WiFi. That means with the iPhone 4, you can only make video calls if there’s a WiFi hotspot around. On top of that, you’ll need two iPhone 4 to make the call, one on the caller side and one on the receiver side.

In a day and age where 3G networks can support video calls just fine we can’t really understand why Apple would want to implement its version in such a different manner.

Well, we can only understand why when we make a FaceTime call of our own. So for now we’ll leave you with a video documenting Apple’s foul up during the FaceTime video call demo.

Jump to take a look. It’s an invaluable lesson on how to take control of a situation and maintain flow. Top stuff Jobs!