P1 going the extra mile for customers

The picture above shows P1‘s top management including CEO Michael Lai (second row centre) and the VP of customer service Ahereen Lee (front row right) going through customer service training.

This is interesting.

We received an email from a source within P1 highlighting the extra efforts the company is taking to improve on its customer relationship.

And by the looks of it, they are really putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to customer service.

The source claims that P1’s CEO, Michael Lai has initiated a program dubbed the “You’ve got a friend @ P1” to get the whole company behind the concept of customer service not being a department but a whole company.

The program calls for everyone in the company from executives to top management to attend customer service training on how to speak to a customer over the telephone as well as operations of the CRM system so that they can impout customer related data while talking to the customer.

Once they’ve completed their training, each P1 employee is given a list of customers to call and they are tasked to call at least three customers a day. We’ve been told even the CEO, CMO and COO are making calls to customers.

Since the program started, over 100 P1 employees have gone through the customer training and over 800 calls to P1 subscribers have been made.

The calls are mostly welcome calls to new customers where P1 employees verify things like contact details, billing address etc. The subscribers are also asked about thier experience with P1 so far and whether they have any experienced any service interuptions etc.

Overall, this is a tremendous effort by the company to improve customer relationship. We believe this is the first time such a program has been done by a telco in Malaysia. In fact, it could be the first time any company has done such a program in the country period.

This is indeed good stuff by P1 and it’s centainly commendable. Now we hope that they’ve sorted out thier network issues at the same time.

All the best!