Streamyx and UniFi HSBB outage: Official statement from TM

We sent an email to the VP of group corporate communications in TM to get a status update on what caused the 30 minute nationwide outage of all its broadband services including sister company’s Celcom broadband service.

We didn’t get a reply.

Instead tucked in an obscure corner of their website, TM has put up a short and condescendingly generic announcement apologising to its subscribers for the service outage. Not a single sentence in the announcement even attempted to vaguely explain what had cause the outage.

What it does mention is that “restoration works are already in progress and services in some areas have been restored in stages“. In addition to that, “TM is currently monitoring the situation and will make further announcements on the progress of the restoration works“.

The announcement didn’t indicate any timeline upon which TM hopes to complete the “restoration work“.

Once again the nation’s self proclaimed number one broadband provider has kept its over one million subscribers in the dark.

Here’s what other Streamyx subscribers are saying… #StreamyxSucks

Dear TM, more than an apology, we all deserve an explanation.

(Update 1134hrs 16042010) Got a reply from TM. They said that they will continue provide updates via announcements on TM website. Here’s the latest announcement, TM says broadband services have been fully restored and measures have been put in place to ensure that service is not interupted.

Based on what we know, we’re pretty sure the outage is beyond a DNS failure and could be something else. What it is,TM won’t tell us.