P1W1MAX DV 230 WiMAX Modem with WiFi and VOIP

Update: P1 DV230 now officially available with existing plan. There’s no price difference and comes free with 2 years contract. Details here.


After the launch of the P1 Wiggy for mobile users, P1 is about to unveil a new desktop modem which is an improvement over its current DS 300. The DS 300 was P1’s first ever WiMAX device which has a very simple plug and play approach.

For those who wish to share the WiMAX connection had to buy their own WiFi router as the DS 300 has only a single LAN port. This week, P1 would be addressing this problem by introducing the DV 230 which comes with WiFi and more! 

p1wimax_dv230_ds300The DV 230 has the same size as the DS 300 but if you look closely, you would notice some difference in the ports & LED. At the back, there’s a USB port for the WiFi module and a phone line jack.


At the top, the power icon has been replaced with a telephone icon which indicates that this modem is designed for V.O.I.P

The WiFi USB Module is small, about a size of a USB Flash drive that plugs nicely into the DV 230. 


From what we see, P1 is reacting very quickly to other WiMAX operators as AMAX has been bundling free WiFi router and REDtone Broadband in East Malaysia is pushing its V.O.I.P service on its Motorola CPE i300 modem. 

Pricing details are not available at the moment but we heard that this would be released anytime soon. We hope that P1 will not add extra monthly fees for this DV 230 over the current DS 300 Plans. At the same time, it would be interesting to see what V.I.O.P. packages they would introduce into the market.

More details of the DV 230 here