The Nightwatch orb turns your Apple Watch into a basic alarm clock

The Apple Watch now would usually have a sleep-tracking feature, so I would usually have it on while I sleep and charge it for a while during the day. But if you’d rather not sleep with it on, there’s something called the Nightwatch that lets you turn your Watch into an alarm clock—but it’s essentially a just clear orb.

Basically, the Nightwatch can serve as a charging dock, a magnifying glass and an acoustic amplifier all at once. And even though you can technically use this at any time of the day, it looks like it was specially made for it being a bedside alarm clock.

However, since it is basically just an orb, it doesn’t have its own charger—you’d need to insert your own. The Nightwatch also advertises that you’d be able to just tap the display to awaken it, but it seems to just be relying on the fact that the Apple Watch’s screen will light up at the slightest nudge.

The fact that it says it amplifies sound is also slightly suspicious. It might just be amplifying sound like how a putting your phone in a bowl can make its sound louder. The only thing that it really does is magnifies the Watch’s face.

Still, it’s a very pretty piece of lucite. So if you want an aesthetically appealing orb at your bedside table, it supports all Apple Watches. You’re able to pre-order it at USD 49.99 (RM205.46).


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Dzamira Dzafri