Some brand new M1 iMac models are reported to come crooked

There has been a few who have reported that their brand new iMac models have a pretty irritating manufacturing defect. The affected iMacs don’t seem to have perfectly aligned stand, leading to a crooked display.

According to YouTuber iPhonedo, his iMac appeared to be tilted on one side. In his video, he compared each side with a ruler to prove how crooked it was. One side of his display measured 7.6cm from the table, while the other side of the display measured 8cm from the table.

But he wasn’t alone—after iPhonedo’s video was posted, a Reddit user checked their own iMac and realised that it was crooked too. However, they said that their display wasn’t as crooked to the same degree, “but not completely level either”.

Someone on the Apple Support Communities also reported that he had a crooked display mount. He mentioned that “the screen was crooked in the right bottom” and that although it was only a 1mm difference, it is still “enough to feel it”.

Even Macrumors mentioned that their own iMac‌ they ordered for testing “appears to have a slightly crooked display”. They first thought it was because of a desk problem.

The problem doesn’t seem to be easily fixable either, as there are a total of seven screws holding the ‌iMac‌’s display to the mount. And it’s unclear whether this problem has only affected a few units or if it is a widespread manufacturing defect, as Apple hasn’t yet acknowledged the issue.

The standard return policy for if you’ve purchased an Apple item online is that you have 14 calendar days to return it from the date you received it. So if you’ve bought a new M1‌ ‌iMac and found that you have a crooked display, you can try to return it to Apple for a refund or to request a replacement.

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However, this doesn’t seem to apply in Malaysia. It isn’t clear if they will replace it for you, or they will offer to fix it. But you do have a problem, you should contact customer support instead. Do let us know in the comments if you’ve bought an iMac, and if you have the same crooked issue.


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