The new Apple M1 iMac is more screen than computer

Apple’s new colourful M1 iMac is finally available for purchase in Malaysia, but do you know what’s under the hood? Well thanks to the guys over at iFixit, we may actually do.

In their latest teardown of the new M1 iMacs, iFixit revealed just how little of the iMac is actually the computer. The single small logic board present has all the important bits soldered onto it similar to its other M1-powered cousins like the Macbook Air and Mac Mini.

The more interesting parts of the new iMac though are the two huge metal plates that take up most of the area. iFixit couldn’t pin down why exactly they were there, but it could perhaps be acting as a heatsink to help dissipate heat. Other peculiar design choices include what appears to be two coin cell batteries in the middle of the iMac, while above that is a metal plate for wireless passthru using the Apple logo on the computer.

Apart from that though, it’s pretty much a standard affair: the logic board is at the bottom, with the CPU, GPU, RAM and storage is soldered on to it. Flanking it are two small fans as well as the speakers. Also of note is that while the chin design is still there, because the front of the new iMac is a single piece of glass, upon removal of the glass it no longer blocks off access to the iMac’s internals.

iFixit together with their friends at Creative Electron also X-rayed the new M1 iMac, providing this lovely image of the machine, which also more clearly shows how the rectangular plate for RF-passthru in the middle sits just behind the Apple logo. It’s a small difference to previous generations of the iMac, which normally use the Apple logo itself as the antenna for wireless connectivity.

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If you want to see more pictures of the iMac being stripped down- or perhaps you already want to take apart your new RM10,000 computer – you can click here to check out iFixit’s teardown of the M1 iMac.