Soon, you might be able to use WhatsApp to verify your Instagram logins

2-Factor authentication (2FA) is certainly a safeguard that you should utilise, and it can prevent unwanted access to your accounts as a last resort. Basically, when logging into an account on a new device, 2FA verification requires an authentication code that is usually sent to a preset device or phone number.

Now, a reputable leakster has revealed that 2FA codes for popular platform Instagram will soon be sent via WhatsApp. Currently, Instagram sends 2FA via Instagram’s authentication app, SMSes, login requests, and backup codes.

According to Paluzzi, the feature is in development, and it will be available on an opt-in basis. Users will still have the choice of using Instagram’s authentication app, or text messages instead. Of course, WhatsApp is tied to your smartphone just like text messages, but with stuff like WhatsApp web—and the possibility of multi-device support in the future—this might be a more convenient option.

No confirmation on when this feature would be available, however. This does seem to be a part of a revamp of sorts on Instagram, with the platform set to finally launch a fully-functional desktop version of the app that would support media uploads. You can read more about that in the related reading section below, but the gist of it is that this is something that would offer a whole lot more flexibility for pre-upload edits on PC software.

Other changes in recent times have included new automated captions via stickers, as well as TikTok-like vertical feed. All of that appears to be a response to the increasing challenged posed from TikTok, particularly when it comes to Instagram’s own copycat: Reels.

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