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Clubhouse will let you send money to creators, but you’ll have to pay a small processing fee

Clubhouse—the invite-only audio chat platform—announced on their blog that will they begin rolling out Payments on the app. They plan to help creators on the platform “make money and thrive” through their live content.

“From the earliest days of Clubhouse, a guiding principle has been to build a platform that puts the creator first. Our aim is to help creators build community, audience, and impact,” wrote Clubhouse.

According to the platform, they are rolling out the Payment feature in waves, starting with a small test group. Clubhouse hopes to “collect feedback, fine-tune the feature, and roll it out to everyone soon”.

Soon, you’ll be able to see the “Send Money” button at the bottom of a creator’s profile. You will then be able to enter the amount of money and send it to them.

Clubhouse said that “100% of the payment” will go to the creator, but there is also a processing fee of USD 0.91 written at the bottom of the screen as shown in the screenshot above. The platform says that the extra fee is for Stripe—a payment processing platform used by Malaysian apps too like Grab, Dahmakan and Jaya Grocer.

The “100% payment to the creator” thing mentioned by Clubhouse was a little confusing at first glance. The platform said that it will take none of the profit from the amount that you wish to send. However, you’ll need to pay a small fee to facilitate the transfer which is still better than other platforms that typical get a percentage cut from the transaction amount.

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“This will be the first of many features that allow creators and to get paid directly on Clubhouse,” Clubhouse continued.

In March, the platform announced that that are introducing Creator First—an accelerator program for creators on the app. It aims to “support and equip emerging creators with the resources they need to bring their ideas and creativity to life”.


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