This is the Oppo Find X3 Pro Mars Exploration Edition

To pay tribute to China’s successful Mars landing mission, Oppo has released a special version of the Find X3 Pro! The Oppo Find X3 Pro Mars Exploration Edition (as translated by Google Translate) comes in a new colourway, along with a couple of hardware and software tweaks to give it a Mars-inspired look and feel.

The special edition phone will come in a new grey option, adding to the four colour options already available—although only two of those are available for the official version in Malaysia. Regardless, the new grey look is supposed to be inspired by outer space, while the back of the phone is now made from high-fog AG glass with a “metallic luster”.

This is supposed to emulate the “texture” from outer space… whatever that’s supposed to feel like. The vast, vast majority of us don’t actually know, so I suppose it’s a fairly safe claim for Oppo’s marketing team to make. That aside, the material is supposed to be pretty resistant to fingerprints, which is a plus.

On the back of the phone, next to the Oppo logo, there is also now an engraved “MARS 2021 UTOPIA PLANITIA”—the name of the landing site for the mission. Do take into account that I’m basing this off automated translations of Oppo’s marketing materials, so if anyone else wants to take a stab at it, click here for the China site. And please forgive me for any potential Chinese-to-English mistakes I may have made.

On the software side of things, the Oppo Find X3 Pro Mars Exploration Edition also comes with a couple of Mars colour filters that you can use with your photos. Snap a photo of anywhere on planet Earth, and the filters will give them a Mars-like look. Plus, you get a custom Red Planet theme, along with a set of wallpapers and UI design tweaks—the usual, when it comes to special edition releases.

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Besides a special themed box, the rest of the phone is identical to the regular ol’ Oppo Find X3 Pro. That includes a Snapdragon 888 under the hood, a 6.7″ 120Hz QHD+ AMOLED screen, a 4,500mAh battery, and the same dual 50MP primary cameras that Oppo is very proud of. Oh, and that crazy Microlens to offer microscope-like qualities.

The Mars edition comes with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, and is available for CNY 5,999 (~RM3,852). If you’re hoping for local availability details in Malaysia, you’re out of luck for now. Regardless, lets us know what you think in the comments, and we’ll be sure to keep you abreast with any potential announcements on this.

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