New WhatsApp update for iOS puts an end to “tap to view” image pranks

One of most suspenseful things to receive on WhatsApp is the “tap to view” image, where it will reveal some sort of prank. Regular images on WhatsApp are also often revealed to you via a small window, so you’d have to press of it to view more of the image.

However, WhatsApp started rolling out version 2.21.71 of its iOS app—which not only includes an end to the “tap to view” image feature, but it includes more updates on ‘disappearing messages’. You’re able to download the new update if you haven’t already here.

Once you’ve downloaded the new update, you’ll be able to receive messages with bigger image previews. They still don’t reveal the entire thing, but it’s not that big of a deal if you’re just looking for a preview of the image.

The other update is another change in WhatsApp’s ‘disappearing messages’ feature, where all participants in a group can now change its setting by default. Previously, only admins are allowed to change the ‘disappearing messages’ setting. But WhatsApp group admins can still have control by changing the ‘Edit Group Info” setting.

The feature lets messages in the chat disappear after seven days—which includes text, images, videos and other forms of media. However, they won’t disappear from outside the chat if they’re saved.

While WhatsApp has been treating users with more convenient features, the app has also been having problems with security. In mid-April, there was a reported loophole that allows attackers to use your phone number to lock you out of your own WhatsApp account. 

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Dzamira Dzafri