MyBayar Saman extends their 50% discount on traffic summons until 15 April 2021

Previously in March, we reported that you can now directly pay outstanding traffic summonses online through “MyBayar Saman”, and that early birds were entitled to a 50% discount until 11 April 2021. However, the Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT) announced that the 50% discount is extended until tomorrow, 15 April.

“The JSPT Director has agreed to extend the discount offer of 50% for selected traffic summonses until 15 April 2021,” wrote JSPT on their Facebook page.

Source: Facebook

They also mentioned that those who have not yet used “MyBayar Saman” to use this opportunity to register. Here are the several ways you can use the feature:

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can register as a new user and fill in your details like your IC number, full name, and phone number. After you register, you’ll be able to sign in and check to see if you have any traffic summons in your records. You can also do the same if you’ve chosen to register and sign in using their online portal

If you don’t have any summonses, you’ll at least have an app that you can refer to for the future. This way, you will just need to pay your fines online right away, rather than going all the way to the station to pay for it. 

But if you do have summonses you’d need to pay up, take note that the 50% discount is not inclusive of major offences. They include jumping red-lights, speeding, crossing double white lines, using a handphone while driving and driving in the emergency lane.

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“MyBayar Saman” is a fairly new online initiative. Paying through it also means skipping a third party—as you’ll be paying direct to the fuzz.

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