Twitter reportedly tried to buy Clubhouse for RM16.5 billion before making Spaces

Bloomberg reported that Twitter was looking to acquire Clubhouse—the invite-only audio chat platform—for a “potential valuation” of about USD 4 billion (RM16.5 billion). However, discussions for it are “no longer ongoing”.

The real reason to why Twitter is no longer in talks with Clubhouse about acquiring it is unclear. But the social media platform is slowly launching it’s own version of Clubhouse—Spaces.

Twitter Spaces is expected to be more popular than Clubhouse, as Clubhouse is currently only available for iOS users. While the audio-platform is taking a long while to make itself available to Android users, Twitter is already planning an official release of Spaces this month.

Clubhouse works similar to chat rooms, but instead of instant messaging, it’s real-time audio. Anyone is able to start a “room” that others can join—and you can do all kinds of content like live radio shows, seminars, and workshops with users all over the world. In fact, Amin and Alex host their own show “Live and Raw” on Clubhouse every Friday if you want to join in.

Twitter’s Spaces feature will work about the same. It is being described by Twitter as “where live audio conversations happen”—and it may beat Clubhouse at their own game.

Spaces will also be coming to desktop browsers soon, which is something Clubhouse doesn’t have either. You can check out a couple of samples of how the interface would look on a web browser here.


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Dzamira Dzafri