YES is giving 40GB of free data to those who need it most

This post is brought to you by YES.

The internet is essential. Like running water and electricity, the internet is absolutely necessary to function properly in a modern society. So why shouldn’t it be accessible by all? Why shouldn’t it be affordable? YES believes that it should, and that’s why they’ve launched the YES KASI UP B40 initiative.

As the name suggests, this initiative will offer 40GB of free data to every registered member of the B40 community. This data can be claimed at their website or via the MyYes app. All the B40 user would need to provide is their contact details for the YES SIM to be delivered directly to their homes. Once activated via the MyYes app, the 40GB of free data is valid for 60 days.

This initiative comes after YES’ highly impactful Learn-From-Home programme. Under this programme, YES provided 40GB of data to schoolchildren in government schools and free phones to B40 students. This, during the pandemic, was instrumental in helping close to 450,000 students continue their education.

Seeing how successful this was, YES decided to extend this to all Malaysians in the B40 income group. YES expects this will benefit all sorts of people in the society. From students, families, gig workers and small businesses, to avid gamers and content consumers.

“It is the only way to ensure Malaysia reaches its full potential,” said YTL Communications Managing Director Dato’ Yeok Seok Hong. “This is the democratisation of data—the essence of what YES KASI UP is all about,” he added.

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YES’ KASI UP prepaid and postpaid plans were introduced last year with the intention of offering more data for lower monthly commitments. Subscribers could get 10GB of data for RM15/month or 20GB of data for RM20/month on prepaid, while its postpaid plans offer a whopping 100GB of data for just RM49/month.

On top of that, YES has also partnered with Shopee to offer 5GB databack for every RM50 spent on the eCommerce platform. YES also introduced their YES KASI UP Refer & Earn programme which allows subscribers the opportunity to supplement their income by giving them up to RM50 in cash every time they refer YES to a friend or family member.

In these trying times, YES aims to help Malaysians get back on their feet by giving them easy access to mobile data. So, start your journey with YES today, and take the first step towards a better tomorrow. Learn more here.