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Is Xiaomi introducing its own electric car in partnership with Great Wall?

Xiaomi is known for making smartphones and a wide variety of smart home appliances. According to a report by Reuters, it appears that the Chinese tech giant is introducing their very own electric car project very soon.

Word has it that Xiaomi plans to make its own EVs at Great Wall Motor’s factory according to three people who claim to have direct information on the matter. It is said that Xiaomi’s new EVs are aimed at the mass market in line with its broad positioning of its electronic products.

If this is true, this is also the first time Great Wall is offering car manufacturing services to other companies and they will provide the engineering consultancy to speed up the EV project. It is said that both Xiaomi and Great Wall will jointly make an announcement as early as this week.

Apart from Xiaomi, other tech giants are also venturing in the the EV industry. China-based search engine, Baidu Inc, has announced plans to make their own EV in partnership with Geely.

Xiaomi currently has its own range of electric-powered personal mobility devices which include the Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2. One of Reuters sources said that Xiaomi plans to launch its first EV around 2023 and it will enable the vehicle to connect to other devices in its ecosystem.


Alexander Wong