Here’s how Animal Crossing is trying to entice you to play the game again

It’s been maybe half a year since I’ve played Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Switch. But this new tool by Nintendo is making me think about visiting my island again.

Nintendo is encouraging Animal Crossing players to upload the many screenshots and video clips we’ve accumulated throughout our gameplay to the new Island Tour Creator. The feature lets you make fun “trailers” for your island that you can share.

The trailer that you can make on the Island Tour Creator will include a voiceover and even the New Horizons’ iconic theme song. The Creator will also let you make a poster out of your screenshots.

To start, first make sure you have the screenshots and video clips from that game that you want on your phone (here’s how to do that). Then, click on this for the QR code that takes you to the site. From there, you’ll be asked to log in to your Nintendo account, and then you’ll be able to pick between making a poster or a trailer.

The announcement of the tool has already resulted in quite a few Twitter users posting their own trailers and posters. All the trailers have a nice breezy vibe that totally fits the island theme of the game, and it really is making me want to play the game again.

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In January, Nintendo announced a collaboration between Animal Crossing and Colourpop. It’s available now on Colourpop’s site—which includes several eyeshadow palettes, lip tints, blushes and glitter.


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