These drone videos will make you feel like a fly on a frantic day out, and it’s fantastic

Just when I think I can live without going to the movies just a while longer, this video of a drone flight through a movie theatre decided to make me feel very differently. It started to gain traction after Vice President of DJI Brendan Schulman tweeted of the video.

The project—which was originally posted by YouTube channel JayByrdFilms—was filmed using a DJI Air Unit and Rotor Riot Cinewhoop. It was a one-take fly-through, and it was filmed in an almost-empty Mann Theatres in Plymouth, Minnesota.

The result is a stunning and gripping one-take shot of what it feels like to be a super-fast fly zooming through a movie theatre to experience its first movie. It’s also a little stomach-churning if you’re a little bit motion-sick, but it’s totally worth it—I promise you.

JayByrdFilms posted another one-take fly-through drone video of a bowling alley. It garnered more than 1,600,000 views and caught the attention of several Hollywood A-listers.

Director James Gunn posted a clip of the video on Twitter, saying it was “stupendous“. Fellow director Lee Unkrich stated that it was “one of the most amazing things” he’s ever seen. It even caught the attention of actor Elijah Wood and visual effects artist Todd Vaziri—who had worked on the Star Wars franchise.

The same channel also posted a drone fly-through video of a mall, which you can watch below. It looks like JayByrdFilms might get a few knocks from Hollywood, so you could be seeing its techniques being used in the next big-budget film.

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Back in Malaysia, AirAsia is piloting a project for drone-delivery services. Once the trial phase is successful, the project will move “beyond the sandbox environment”.


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