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Digi Postpaid 2021: 6 things you need to know

Digi has recently introduced its new postpaid lineup for 2021 which promises to offer simplicity and greater value as Malaysia recovers from the current pandemic. The new plans start from RM40/month and it offer uncapped high-speed data with no complicated quota splits.

Straightforward base plans with unlimited calls

The base Digi Postpaid 40 costs RM40 per month and it comes with 10GB of quota. If you need more, you can step up to Postpaid 60 with 25GB, Postpaid 90 with 50GB or Postpaid 120 with 65GB. The highest option is Postpaid 150 that comes with 85GB, and this appears to be a replacement for Digi Infinite 150 when you include the extra add-on that we will explain later. All 5 plans come with unlimited calls to all networks in Malaysia.

Complimentary add-ons if you sign a contract

To get more value, subscribers can enjoy one extra add-on if they sign up with a 12-month contract. Depending on the plan, you can choose to get discounted or free extra data, monthly rebates for Play Store, App Store or EasyAdd or a free 50GB Mobile broadband SIM. There’s also the option to add Rome Like Home for free if you’re on the higher tier plans.

However, do note that you can only select one add-on at any given time during the contract period. If you’re planning to get a device on contract, that would also be considered as an add-on. This means you can’t enjoy the above mentioned perks while getting a brand new phone. All PhoneFreedom 365 contracts on Digi are tied to a 24-month duration.

If you’re going for the entry-level Postpaid 40, the only add-on available is to get extra 5GB for RM5/month (Normal: RM10/month). Meanwhile, the next Postpaid 60 plan allows you to get 10GB for RM10/month (Normal: RM15/month), the option to get RM5/month rebate for Play Store, App Store and EasyAdd, or get Roam Like Home for RM28/month (Normal: RM35/month).

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For the non-phone add-ons, you can cancel early before the 12-month contract is up but you’ll need to pay a flat penalty fee of RM30.

Get unlimited data on Postpaid 150 but there’s a catch

Among all the new postpaid plans, Postpaid 150 has the most interesting add-on option. By going for a 12-month contract, users can enjoy unlimited data for free which also comes with unlimited hotspot. Now, this looks similar to the Digi Postpaid Infinite 150 that appears to be discontinued. However, do note that the unlimited hotspot has a speed cap of 10Mbps and there’s an FUP of 999GB per month.

According to the T&C, you can only connect up to 3 devices for hotspot usage. This is something to take note for those who intend to use it as a home broadband solution.

Extra rebate for Fibre or Mobile Broadband

If you subscribe to Digi Postpaid 60 and above, you can get extra monthly rebate if you sign up for fibre or mobile broadband. If you sign up with a fibre broadband plan, you’ll get a rebate of RM15/month on Postpaid 60 and RM30/month on Postpaid 90 and above. For mobile broadband, you’ll get a rebate of RM10/month for all four plans.

Add supplementary lines from RM20/month

Digi also offers 50% off for all supplementary lines and you can share data from the principal line. The Family 40 plan with 10GB data costs RM20/month while the Family 60 plan with 25GB data costs RM30/month. Meanwhile, the highest Family 90 with 50GB data costs RM45/month.

Take note that Family 60 is only offered for Postpaid 60 and above, while Family 90 is available only for Postpaid 90 and above. If you plan on getting a PhoneFreedom 365 bundle on the supplementary line, it’s only available on Family 90.

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RM10/month for data-only Gadget SIM

Digi also offers a Gadget SIM if you just need a spare data-only SIM for your tablet or wearable device. It costs RM10/month and it will utilise the data quota from your principal line. This data SIM is offered on Postpaid 60 and above.

At first glance, the new postpaid offering looks complicated with the various add-ons. However, if you take a step by step approach by selecting the base, followed by choosing the add-ons that you want, it’s almost like ordering economy rice or customising a Poke Bowl.

For more info, you can check out Digi’s Postpaid page.

If you’re looking for a more affordable plan, it appears that Digi Postpaid 38 and Postpaid 58 are still available. These plans are more complicated as it offers loyalty data bonuses which grows every 6 months until your 25th month tenure.

Alexander Wong