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Xiaomi Mi 11 Malaysia: 11 things you need to know

The Xiaomi Mi 11 was already launched in China in December 2020, but it finally launched here in Malaysia on 25 February 2021—But is our Malaysian unit different from the Chinese version? We’ve got you covered—from it being the first Snapdragon 888 flagship to arrive in the country, to it having an actual charger in the box. Here we go!

1. 55W GaN charger

The new flagship smartphone is still offering an actual charger in the box (as well as a USB Type-C cable), as many major phones have already dropped the accessory in the packaging to “save the environment”. China’s Mi 11 was packed without a charger in the box, but they offer the charger separately with no added charge.

The Malaysian launch revealed that all versions sold in the country will come with a 55W gallium nitrite (GaN) charger. GaN chargers are a world of a difference compared to regular phone chargers, as they are typically smaller, is able to conduct higher voltages over time.

The GaN charger will support the Mi 11’s 4600mAh battery capacity, and additionally even laptops of up to 55W. Besides using the 55W GaN charger, the Mi 11 is able to be charged wirelessly with a 50W wireless charger, and the phone itself is also able to charge items like wireless earphones with its 10W reverse charging feature.

According to Xiaomi, a full charge for the Mi 11 will take 45 minutes via USB-C, and up to 53 minutes with a compatible wireless charger. Also, take note that the bundled 55W GaN charger uses a USB-A port, instead of USB-C.

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2. No headphone jack, but you can connect with two headphones

Another pretty notable thing to come with the phone in the box is a Type-C to 3.5mm Headphone adapter. It might have just been added there to soften the blow of the fact that the Mi 11 doesn’t have a dedicated headphone jack.

However, it might not be such a big deal if you already have wireless headphones. Plus, Xiaomi also revealed that you can use the Mi 11 to connect with two separate Bluetooth headphones. You’re also able to place them at different corners of the room and get the same sound.

As for sound, you get a pair of Harman Kardon-tuned stereo speakers.

3. Anti-bacterial accessories

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Xiaomi had been providing users with an anti-bacterial screen protectors and soft cases since their Mi 10T Pro release. The accessories are designed to “eliminate up to 99% of bacteria”, but how does it keep your phone free from bacteria?

The anti-bacterial case contains silver ions—which can effectively deal with a series of bacteria. The positively-charged ions are able to penetrate the walls of negatively-charged bacteria cells, “making the bacteria lose nutrients”. The case and screen protectors will less likely have bacteria build-up.

4. Yes, it has GMS

After Xiaomi was placed under a US government blacklist, there were some speculations that its smartphones would no longer support Google Mobile Services (GMS). However, Xiaomi announced the Mi 11 for international markets, it was confirmed that the phone would come with Google apps and services pre-installed.

However, you should take note if you plan on buying imported sets from China, as the models might not come with the GMS framework.

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5. Malaysia’s first Snapdragon 888 smartphone

Snapdragon 888—Qualcomm’s latest mobile platform—is now coming to Malaysia in the Mi 11. This also means that the phone is 5G ready, something even Malaysia itself isn’t ready for yet.

6. Storage

The Malaysian Mi 11 will come in either 128GB or 256GB of internal storage. Both are equipped with 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM. In China, the Mi 11 is offered with a higher 12GB RAM option but sadly, it isn’t available here.

 However, there is no expandable storage in either of the variants. The previous Mi 10T didn’t have expandable storage, either.

7. “Telemacro” lens

The “telemacro” camera is a stand out feature, as you can apparently hold the Mi 11 a short distance away from the subject and take a macro shot. The “telemacro” lens lets you get up to close at 3cm.

The phone has a 108MP f/1.9 main, 13MP f/2.4 ultra-wide and 5MP f/2.4 “telemacro” camera, with a 20MP f/2.2 selfie camera. You can shoot 8K video at 30fps and 24fps, or 4K video at 60fps and 30fps with the main camera. As for the selfie camera, it is capable of 1080p video at 30fps and 720p slow-motion video at 120fps.

8. The fingerprint sensor measures your heart rate

The Mi 11’s in-display fingerprint scanner can be used not only for unlocking your phone—it has the ability to measure your heart-rate, too. Other major flagship smartphones like the iPhone 12 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra aren’t able to measure your heart-rate—unless paired with a smart-watch.

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9. No IP68 rating

There is no official water resistance rating on the Mi 11. Usually, flagship smartphones would have an IP68 rating—which allows you to submerge the phone for at least a meter deep for 30 minutes.

If you want an IP68 rating for your new flagship smartphone, the next best option is the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

10. It will also come in white

There are three colour options available—Midnight Grey, Horizon Blue, and Cloud White. However, the Cloud White Mi 11 will only be available “at a later date”. Xiaomi has yet to reveal when that later date will be.

11. Price and promos

The official local prices are as follows:

Mi 11 – 8GB RAM, 128GB storage- RM2,799

Mi 11 – 8GB RAM, 256GB storage – RM2,999

The 8GB RAM+256GB storage version will be available in Malaysia on 13 March 2021, and will be available in Xiaomi’s official Lazada store, as well as authorised Mi stores in Malaysia. The 8GB RAM+128GB storage version will be available at a later date.

Customers who pre-order the Mi 11 from now until 10 March 2021 will even stand a chance of receiving a free Mi Air Purifier 3C. The free gift is limited to the first 1,500 pre-orders on Xiaomi’s website or its official Lazada store.

In addition, the first 100 customers to register their purchase receipt of the Mi 11 will receive the Mi AIoT premium pack. You can register your receipt here.

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