These new videos of Super Nintendo World in Japan will make you feel like you’re there

Some of my favourite things to watch on YouTube are videos of theme park rides and walkthroughs. So I’m excited to find out that YouTube channel Universal Parks News Today posted a total of 18 videos of what Super Nintendo World in Japan looks like in-depth.

The video selection includes a walking tour around the new Universal Studios Japan theme park extension, full ride POVs, a look at the park’s merchandise, food, and lots more. You’d also find countless details revolving around the Super Nintendo theme, like the park’s decor and features.

The merchandise area seems fully stocked with items ranging from mugs, keychains, phone cases, stationary, plushies, toys…basically everything you’d expect a theme park to have. They also have several places to buy Nintendo-themed food—from Yoshi’s Snack Island to stalls where they sell Mushroom Cream popcorn (which sounds delicious).

Visitors of the park would get to have “Power Up Bands”—which is a wristband that could help you interact with elements in the park like mini games. It can keep your score from the Mario Kart ride to your band—which you can link to your mobile phone.

The park seems to have attracted quite a number of visitors (with masks, of course). Super Nintendo World wasn’t supposed to open at all because of a state of emergency. Universal Studios Japan previously stated that the park wouldn’t set a new opening date until the emergency declaration was lifted.

You can view more videos of Super Nintendo World here.


Dzamira Dzafri