Caviar’s Ox-themed Galaxy S21 Ultra is perfect for Chinese New Year, but it costs RM80k

Chinese New Year is almost upon us, folks! And the upcoming year of the ox is set to begin on the 12th of February 2021, although this year’s celebrations will most certainly be rather muted as a result of the COVID-19. But if you’re looking for… the opposite of muted, Caviar’s rendition of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra might hit the spot.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is already a very, very expensive phone. The top-end model with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage retails for RM5,899 in Malaysia, and the Ultra is one of those gadgets that practically doubles up as a status symbol (to some people). But what if you had so much wealth, that you wanted something a little special?

The Caviar Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Gold Ox

There are only 21 units of the Galaxy S21 Ultra Gold Ox up for sale, and it comes with a hefty, incredible price tag of USD 20,140 (~RM81k). Where is that money going? Well, the case of the limited edition S21 Ultra is made of black “ultra-strong” titanium, with the Caviar brand engraved into the back of the phone.

The centrepiece of the phone is a gold, bas-relief of a bull’s head, while there is a pure 24 Carat gold ring hanging through the bull’s nostrils. Look a little closely, and you’ll see two diamonds embedded as eyes for the bull (clarity 3-3, 3mm in diameter).

Apparently, Caviar says that the Galaxy S21 Ultra Gold Ox is “an excellent gift for a modern, self-confident man”, while offering good luck and prosperity for the new year. Personally, I like to think that I’m a modern, self-confident man myself—but I still find the whole thing to be a ridiculous show of extravagance.

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I suppose you can consider something a little cheaper from the brand, actually. There’s the Galaxy S21 Carbon, which—as per its name—uses automotive carbon fibre, or the Black Alligator. Both of these come with mouthwatering price tags: USD 6,060 (~RM24.5k) and USD 6,220 (~RM25k).

BUT. If you wanted to really blow everybody away, Caviar has the Golden 21 version of the Galaxy S21 Ultra—which is priced at an astronomical USD 77,230 (~RM314k).

In any case, if you’re keen to take a look at Caviar’s crazy-expensive versions of the Galaxy S21, click here. They also make limited editions of other, non-Samsung devices, including the AirPods Max—although only one unit of that ever went on sale.

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