Caviar’s custom gold-plated AirPods Max can be yours for nearly RM500,000

The AirPods Max is obviously a very expensive pair of headphones, with a price of RM2,399 proving to be mouthwatering—particularly given the fact that these are Apple’s first over-ear headphones ever. However, if you’re looking for something that adds a touch of (even more) extravagance to the mix, the Caviar AirPods Max Golden Black is probably the most expensive version you can get.

Caviar has just taken the covers off their custom version of the Airpods Max, which are made out of “rare black crocodile leather” and pure 750 gold (18 karat gold, as a quick Google search showed). The jewellers say that the gold-plated AirPods offer a combination of “classic luxury and style”, while promising the “highest sound quality”—although Caviar’s luxurious version should sound identical to Apple’s regular AirPods Max.

So, with all of that luxury, Caviar has also announced the price of the AirPods Max Golden Black: USD 108,000 (~RM436k). What’s more, the jewellers also say that the custom edition headphones will only be released “in a single piece worldwide”, which means that there will be only one unit available. There isn’t an official release date stated, but since Caviar is calling this the “announcement of 2021”, you should be able to order the AirPods Max Golden Black sometime in the coming year.

That’s of course, if you can afford it. Or, if you even want it. Personally, I can’t find a reason to pay a price that’s roughly equivalent to two units of the BMW 218i Gran Coupe M Sport in Malaysia. I’d much rather pick up a car, or even buy a house for that price. Still, I don’t think I’m exactly the target market for Caviar here, so perhaps this might appeal to individuals of a certain economic status more than a regular Joe like myself.

“If you appreciate sophisticated design, laconicism and innovation, this model was created for you.”

In any case, this isn’t the first time that Caviar has worked on an extravagant, expensive version of an Apple product. Recently, the company announced a limited-edition iPhone 12 Pro which was going for USD10,000 (~RM40k)—although that price tag is nothing compared to the AirPods Max. Plus, the company is also working on special versions of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 and the Sony PlayStation 5 for 2021.

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So, what do you think? Would you rather buy gold-plated AirPods Max, or would you rather buy a house? I’m guessing that those who pick the former would probably already have the latter, but share your thoughts in the comments section below.