Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag uses Bluetooth and UWB to locate lost items, available from RM79

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During Samsung’s Galaxy S21 launch event, the South Korean company announced its new smart object tracker, the Galaxy Smart Tag. The new tracker should come in handy in helping users locate their non-connected belongings like their keys, wallet, bag or even the family pet.

The Galaxy Smart Tag comes in two varieties. The main difference between the two is the standard version uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) while the higher-end Galaxy Smart Tag+ employs ultra-wideband (UWB) technologies to help users find lost items.

Samsung explains that the Galaxy Smart Tag can be paired via its SmartThings app, which can show you its last known location on a map. When searching for the tag, the app can show a proximity indicator that is based on the strength of the BLE signal. If still have trouble finding it, tap the ring button in the SmartThings Find app to follow the sound of your ringtone to find it.

Even if the lost item is not within the immediate vicinity, users can report their item lost via the Galaxy Find Network that uses scanned data to find the item. This feature allows users to scroll through a history of where the tag has been to retrace it.

In addition, the feature can use other any nearby Galaxy smartphone or tablet to help find a misplaced item or even a missing pet. It will then alert the Samsung server about its location. Don’t worry if that sounds a little scary. Samsung assures that all user’s data is encrypted and protected. It added that the lost device’s location is not revealed to anyone but its owner.

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If you have set up a smart home environment, Samsung’s Galaxy Smart Tag can also be used to control various Internet of Things (IoT) devices with a click of a button. For example, you can use the Smart Tag to turn on the lights to your home before you step inside.

Apart from the Bluetooth variant, Samsung also released the Galaxy SmartTag+. This tag utilises Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technologies to help locate objects, and it is said to be far more accurate compared to BLE. In case you aren’t familiar, UWB is a short-range, wireless communication protocol much like Bluetooth and WiFi. It operates at a high frequency and can be used to capture accurate spatial and directional data.

Plainly speaking, this enables users to quickly locate lost items quicker as it allows them to track the item’s location in real-time. Users of the SmartTag+ have the added advantage of using augmented reality (AR) to help them find a lost item more accurately and quicker. 

It is worth pointing that Galaxy Smart Tag is said to only work with Samsung Galaxy devices. So, if you have another Android phone or an iPhone, you cannot use the Smart Tag to track your belongings.

According to Samsung Malaysia’s online store the Galaxy Smart Tag will be available in the Malaysia on 29 January for RM119. It currently costs RM79 when you pre-order it on the online store. In addition, the Galaxy Smart Tag is bundled for free when you pre-order the Galaxy S21 series.

In the meantime, have a look at the Galaxy Smart Tag in the video below.

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